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Resolving Conflict Within
Remote Teams

By Bill Flury A few years ago, I was manager of a Law Enforcement Assistance Administration project on which we had small teams working in eight different cities. Each team was tasked to work with the local police, courts, or corrections…
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Leading Differently:
Remote vs. Face-to-Face Teams

By Frank Burroughs Today’s business environment is leveraging connectivity at a pace that leaves many of us scrambling to stay fully engaged with colleagues we seldom (or never) see face to face. While simply trying to learn the various…
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What Really Motivates?
Sometimes They Just Don’t Know!

by Darrell Glen Stiffler, PMP: Victor Vroom’s Expectancy theory has been around about 53 years now and is consider one of staples of Motivational Theory. The subject pops up a lot when studying project management. Although Vroom’s…
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New Meeting Paradigm: Mega
Multi-tasking or Supreme Selfishness?

By Kathy Martucci, PMP Picture it: the weekly status meeting is in full swing as the Project Manager discusses critical path activities with the project management team. As your attention wanders and your gaze curiously assesses the others…
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Leaders Create Memories

By Rob Zell Think about your best boss. No seriously, take a few seconds and think about that leader who you consider to be the best leader in your career. Chances are you smiled a little bit as positive memories washed over you. Now think…
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Cloning the CEO:
How to Do More with Less

By Burl W. Randolph Jr. As the CEO, are you capable of everything in your organization:  The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker? More importantly, do you also execute all of those roles: Executive sales rep, chief consultant, line…