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When the Project is Supposed
to be “A Piece of Cake”

by Bill Flury Starting a New Project  “Hey! Piece of cake!” That was the team leader speaking after I had described the team’s next project, a critical six-month, fixed price job for our top client. It was good to hear her speak…
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Decluttering Scope

By Vicki Wrona, PMP The effect of clutter and tips to de-clutter are readily available online and on TV. It’s all the rage and constantly in the back of many people’s minds, especially during spring cleaning or when moving. When I received…
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The ABC’s of Scope Creep Management

By Bill Flury Three experienced project managers were having coffee together in a break room at a Project Management Institute Workshop on Scope Management. Their workshop moderator had asked them to share scope creep stories about their…
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The Inherent Risks of Skiing
and Project Management

By Bill Flury Skiing is Inherently Risky If you are a skier you know that there are many risks involved in every run. You face challenges at every turn and face loss of control or failure throughout every run. When you go skiing, you are…
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Overcoming Organizational
Dysfunction: Unlock the Value of
Project Management to Get Work Done

by Vicki Wrona, PMP Forward Momentum is proud to announce the release of our FREE Insider's Guide ebook, Overcoming Organizational Dysfunction: Unlock the Value of Project Management to Get Work Done. Research has proven that project…
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8 Steps to Managing Your Holidays
Like a (Project Management) Pro

by Karen B. Smith As a special bonus feature to her original article, De-stress Your Holiday with Our Tips and Budgeting Tool, Karen B. Smith has provided this life-saving infographic to help us all through the holidays! download the PDF version…