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Career Change from Public Service
to Private Industry

By Vicki Wrona, PMP Are you ready to make a change from public service to private industry but not sure where to start? Read this new white paper titled Career Change From Public Service to Private Industry: Not Quite as Easy as Sunday Morning by…
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3 Questions to Make Sure They Practice What You Teach

by Bill Flury Things Change “There’s always something!” You get new designs or standards for our products, better ways to do things, or maybe you need to correct a problem. These and many more things spark the need for individual…
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Thinking Globally: A Note to a
New Instructional Designer

by Tiffany Robinson The role of an Instructional Designer is deceptively influential, and if you are new to the role, there’s one perspective you will need to consider before making your mark: Someone else’s. But even if you’re not…
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Who Makes the Execution
Decisions In Your Operation?

By Rob Zell, SPHR Whenever I begin a new training project I go through several steps to ensure I am delivering the right intervention to my client. I always ask: If the training is successful, what will the learners be doing that is…
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A Training Revolution: Get the
Most Out of Your Training Dollar

By Edward J. Williams, MAEd, MHRM, MBA Calling all managers, directors and similar company leadership. Do you know what you’re getting in return when you send your employees off to training? We know that sometimes training is just to comply…
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Goal Analysis

By Dot Young Goal setting is almost as ubiquitous as breathing for most of us. We do it constantly, both personally and professionally, whether we're aware of it or not. In fact, you set a goal when you clicked this link, presumably to learn…