Do you need to get PMP® certified? Whether this is a personal goal for you as an individual or you have a group to train, Forward Momentum can help, and has done so with over 7,500 people to date… and counting! Keep reading for more information or order or inquire about a certification class now.

If you are interested in a more independent study program, Forward Momentum’s training program is now available for individuals!

Are you looking for practical project management classes, or leadership and professional skills courses? We offer them, too!

PMP® Pass-Rate Success

Since 2021, 99.7% of people who took Forward Momentum’s PMP classes passed their PMP exam the FIRST time! Through 2020, Forward Momentum’s classroom sessions had a verified 91.7% first-time pass rate – compared to an industry average of 74% – with a first-time pass rate for the pre-recorded class of 97%. This may be attributed to the fact that participants can listen to any section multiple times, or because those who take a class in this format are self-motivated. Whatever the reason, we’d like to contribute to your success. See what students are saying about Forward Momentum’s classes.

Flexibility: The Best Training Method for You

You choose the way you learn best, as well as the best way to meet your demanding schedule:

Live Classroom


  • Reach you or your organization’s certification goals in a class dedicated to your organization
  • Share and gain practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to projects
  • Collaborate with others from your organization
  • Meets the 35 hours of training required on the application

Live Virtual Classroom

All of the benefits of a live classroom, PLUS:

  • Sessions are recorded for additional review

Pre-Recorded Class


  • Meet you or your group’s certification goals in a flexible manner
  • Listen and learn when and where it’s convenient for you or your group
  • Sessions retain the feeling of being in a live class, with the flexibility of working at your own pace, resulting in increased engagement. (This is NOT your boring read-click-read-click self paced training!)
  • Listen to any section multiple times
  • Schedule one-on-one mentoring sessions with the instructor as needed
  • Includes the same materials, content, questions, whiteboard exercises, interactions and quizzes as our live sessions
  • Class is taught by Vicki Wrona, PMP, Forward Momentum’s President
  • Meets the 35 hours of training required on the application

Throughout your certification journey, we are there with you, ready to provide assistance and support. This can include any or all of the following, as desired:

  • Review your PMP® application experience descriptions to ensure that they meet PMI’s requirement for information and format, decreasing the chance that the application will be returned by PMI.
  • One-on-one coaching, if needed, throughout the study process. This can occur over email, phone call, or webcon support, at a time agreed by the instructor and you. Times can include business hours, evenings, or weekends, depending on your needs.
  • Determine a customized study plan for you, based on your life and scheduling constraints.

PMP® Course Materials

The PMP® courses include the following materials. The virtual class includes all course materials plus access to recordings. The pre-recorded class includes all course materials, recordings, plus one-on-one mentoring.

Course materials include everything needed to pass the exam, including:

  • Forward Momentum/s exclusive PMP® student manual with examples, tips, and exercises
  • Exam simulation containing 1,100 test questions with tracking and reports
  • Detailed PMP® reference cards
  • Our digital Knowledge Locker study tool

Check out our free white paper covering PMP application and exam tips.

For additional information on the PMP® courses, please visit our course description list.

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PMP® Live Dedicated On-Site or Virtual Class:
Class cost is $1750 per person. Contact Vicki Wrona at [email protected] or call +1 972.489.2029 to schedule a class or to see if you qualify for a discount.

PMP® Pre-Recorded Class:
Click the Buy Now button below to purchase the pre-recorded class using PayPal for $1,750. Upon payment, your course materials will be bundled and shipped to the address you provide with the payment, and you will receive an e-mail with login information for the recordings.

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