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A Training Revolution: Get the
Most Out of Your Training Dollar

By Edward J. Williams, MAEd, MHRM, MBA Calling all managers, directors and similar company leadership. Do you know what you’re getting in return when you send your employees off to training? We know that sometimes training is just to comply…
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Talent Management: The Mission
is First! But We Need the Right
People to Accomplish It

By Edward J. Williams, MAEd, MHRM, MBA I recently heard an Air Force general ask the leaders in his organization whether the mission or the people should come first. Whether in the military or in business, the answer to this question, although…
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More on Talent Management:
Developing Competency Models

By Edward J. Williams, MAEd, MHRM, MBA In a previous article, Business Strategy: Talent Management, I identified several components involved in employing a talent management strategy. This time, I would like to expand on one of those components:…
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Business Strategy: Talent Management

By Edward J. Williams, MAEd, MHRM, MBA I was asked once to define talent management.  After some brief thought about how to best explain it, I decided that it was best to start with a quick explanation of what talent management is NOT.…