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What? So What? What If? Now What?

By Darlene Frederick They say that experience is the best teacher. In fact, the favored concept of the moment in corporate learning is 70:20:10, with its heavy preference for experiential learning. Commonly interpreted as “learning by doing,”…
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Channeling Socrates:
From Instruction to Interview

by Darlene Frederick It’s hard to imagine that we might find wisdom for organizational development in the methods of a Greek philosopher and educator who practiced in 400 B.C. Surely, centuries of evolution in the understanding of human…
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Can We Talk? The Value of Structured
Dialogue as a Learning Strategy

by Darlene Frederick Early in her long and fabled career, comedian Joan Rivers immortalized the phrase, “Can we talk?” as her signature gag line. The phrase served as a punctuation mark, usually to one of Rivers’ always spicy, sometimes…