Everyone says that employees are the most important asset of any organization. But how you attract, retain and develop high-performing employees takes teaming up with someone who’s had repeatable success in instructional design. Look no further.

The Multi-Modal Approach That’s Proven in a Non-Cookie Cutter World

Forward Momentum realizes that not everyone learns the same way and, as such, not every training program can be developed the same way. Working in tandem with our clients throughout each phase, we design and employ customized solutions to achieve optimal results… every time!

Forward Momentum’s goal is to create a dynamic and engaging learning experience. No matter the modality used to deploy the training, we have successfully developed and delivered training programs via instructor-led (ILT), virtual instructor-led (vILT), eLearning, blended learning, mobile devices and social media. Our success is due in part to a methodical approach where we couple learn by doing using real-world examples and marrying them with varying degrees of exercises and interactivity. This solidifies the experience and creates an emotionaland a skillconnection between the course and personal responsibilities.

Forward Momentum leverages various instructional design models such as Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation (ADDIE), Criterion-Referenced Instruction (CRI) and Rapid Development. A model that Forward Momentum has had great success with is a combination of the traditional ADDIE model with key components of the CRI model incorporated. This hybrid model keeps design and development efforts focused on a performance-based training solution.

Forward Momentum couples learning by doing using real-world examples and marrying them with varying degrees of exercises and interactivity. This creates an emotional and skill connection between the course and personal responsibilities.

Doing the Right Thing Always: Collaboration & Accountability


For two decades, Forward Momentum has earned its reputation by delivering rock-solid solutions and doing the right thing … always. Communication and close collaboration are a cornerstone of our culture, and both are critical to your success. You decide how much or how little you are involved in the process.

Collaboration ensures that by working together, we:

  • Define and prioritize performance objectives
  • Discover and satisfy user needs
  • Maximize creative opportunities
  • Minimize risks
  • Define content that is accurate, relevant and engaging

When you work with Forward Momentum, you can rest assured that every aspect you have entrusted to us will be handled professionally and with great care in a timely manner, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. We strive to understand your needs and work within your culture, and at times challenge the conventional, status quo wisdom. Our focus is on quality, results and, ultimately, impact.

The Devil’s in the Details

Forward Momentum manages each learning initiative via a Project Management Plan outlining scope, approach, team members, risk, schedule, preliminary issues and a budget. The schedule, including milestones, is created and tracked. These milestones serve as measurement points, allowing the team to check in periodically and consistently with subject matter experts (SMEs) and management.

As we complete each step, we review it with the client to get sign-off that the deliverable is accurate and appropriately completed to allow us to move to the next step in the process. Deliverables are reviewed along the way and minor adjustments made as necessary. This allows us to avoid, or at least minimize, misunderstandings, rework and surprises.

This governance process ensures consistent, ongoing, two-way communication and includes weekly status meetings and/or management or steering committee meetings. We strive tirelessly to ensure the end-product meets, if not exceeds, our clients’ needs, doing whatever it takes to accomplish goals and ensure satisfaction. We are invested in our clients’ success. We are in this with you, and strive for partnerships, not just projects.


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