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What If You Held A Best Practices
Meeting... And Nobody Came?

By Bill Flury First Meeting: A Great Idea We were discussing how we could get started with the business of process improvement. Mickey said, “Hey! I’ve got a great idea! The Quality folks are always telling us that we should be on…
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Ain't Doin' Right:
Diagnosing Project Ailments

By Bill Flury Have you ever had a pet dog or cat or bird that wasn’t acting like its usual self? You probably asked it what was the problem and you never got back a Woof, Meow or Tweet about what their problem was. So, you took your ailing…
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Distributed Authority
in Project Management

by Dr. Gerald Mulenburg, PMP It is usually clear that an assigned project manager is in charge of a project and that they have the necessary authority to get it done. But what exactly does that mean? How do they get their authority, what…
Office Space, ©1999 Twentieth Century Fox
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It’s a Question of Motivation

By Craig Covello, PMP: You may remember a little movie titled “Office Space” made back in 1999 starring Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston and David Herman.  Livingston plays Peter Gibbons, an employee of Initech who dreads his job. …
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Stimulate Action with
the Gap Method

By Bill Flury A stranger walks up to you and says, “Excuse me, your zipper is open”. Instinctively, you look for the exposed gap and rush to close it. Your reaction is intuitive and urgent. Most people have a strong, inbred urge to…
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"Work" and "Fun" Don't Have
to Be Contradictory Terms

By Bill Flury “Now Our Work is More Fun” Work and Fun? – a strange combination, but we keep hearing this from most of the folks who are feeling the effects of their process improvement activities where they work. When we do follow-up…