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The Art of Teleworking

Now more than ever, being both physically and emotionally capable of working from your own home is incredibly useful. Technology has brought us the ability to share ideas and documents at unbelievable speeds, start video calls with multiple…
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Reward vs Recognition: Why Not Both?

by Dr. Burl Randolph, Jr., DM How should I reward my people, through rewards or recognition?   I answered this question and created this blog well before the pandemic began. I have however, updated many of my recommendations based…
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White Paper:
5 Tips to Avoid Echo Chambers and Post-Truths While at Work

by Vicki Wrona, PMP We may be familiar with the terms echo chamber or post-truths in terms of politics or the news (fake and otherwise), but have you thought about how it applies to our work? I believe that the echo chamber and post-truth…
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Toxicity: Person, Place, or Thing?

by Dr. Burl W. Randolph Jr. I rarely talk about the dirty little secret in leadership: Toxicity. We have all been there and seen that, yet it continues to exist in the contemporary workplace. Some of this toxicity can be identified…
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Cleaning Out the Culture Cabinet

By Rob Zell, SPHR In our house we love coffee and that means we end up collecting coffee mugs. They have been given to us by friends, family and students. They signify cherished memories and favorite hobbies. At some point the cabinet, like…
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Stop Me If You’ve
Heard This One Before

By Rob Zell When you think about the places you have worked, what pops up in your memory? When you have left an organization, did you do so because “it wasn’t a good fit”? When you consider the places you would like to work, how do…