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Sarah’s Tale

by Bill Flury Sarah Has a Problem. Sarah was having a bad day, one of many in the past few weeks. Things just weren’t working as she expected them to. She was doing what she had been doing all along but, for some reason, some things…
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The Art of Teleworking

Now more than ever, being both physically and emotionally capable of working from your own home is incredibly useful. Technology has brought us the ability to share ideas and documents at unbelievable speeds, start video calls with multiple…
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Avoiding Potholes: Communication

by Bill Flury Cruising Down the Road You weren’t nervous this time. You had worked hard on this presentation. You had great slides and you cruised through your delivery. Now you were ready to handle any question about the details. The…
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Leadership Lessons from the Left Seat: Communicate Clearly

by Frank Burroughs One of the most intimidating parts of flight training, as reported by student surveys and even some veteran pilots, is communication. Why is that? Several reasons come to mind. Pilot to pilot communication and between…
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Overcoming Organizational Obstacles to
Unlock the Value of Project Management Part 1:
Putting Out Fires and Reducing the Drama

By Vicki Wrona, PMP Recent research has documented the value of project management at various levels and in a variety of organizations. In the research study, Researching the Value of Project Management by Janice Thomas, Ph.D. and Mark Mullaly,…
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Where There’s a Wall, There’s a Way!
Achieving Group Consensus

By Bill Flury When I was beginning to learn how to be a good systems engineer, my mentor gave me some advice that has served me well. He told me, “Never try to solve a big problem on a small sheet of paper. Some problems just won’t fit…