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The Twilight Zone of
Shadow Project Management

By Craig Covello, PMP: During the course of my long career as an IT project manager, there have been a few times when circumstance and opportunity translated into a strange role that could be accurately described as “Shadow Project Management”. …
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The Ghost Meeting

By Bill Flury Yesterday, four people met in the conference space to address three issues of concern to all of them. The agenda had been circulated beforehand so the discussion was very focused. They agreed on how each of the issues should…
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Undercover Boss:
Are You Really Aware?

by Vicki Wrona, PMP: Oprah recently interviewed two of the executives from the new upcoming show called Undercover Boss. These CEOs and Presidents posed as entry level employees to get a taste of their employees’ jobs and what working for…
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Reward vs Recognition: Why Not Both?

by Dr. Burl Randolph, Jr., DM How should I reward my people, through rewards or recognition?   I answered this question and created this blog well before the pandemic began. I have however, updated many of my recommendations based…
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Retaining Employees: Be Nice, Get Paid

by Rob Zell: When teaching leadership and management skills I refer to maintaining and/or enhancing self-esteem as a foundational practice for all leaders. When I do, I typically get a few participants who give a very subtle eye-roll or smirk.…
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What Motivates More Than Pay? Lots!

By Vicki Wrona, PMP: There are many things that motivate. To a point, pay is a motivator. However, that is not the only motivator, and often not the greatest one. What other things are motivating? Well, there are several. Let’s explore…