After comprehensively reviewing your business practices, we will advise you on all aspects of efficiently managing your project or initiative to ensure you are delivering the kind of results that your organization requires. Our mission is to help you begin your project on target, stay on target, or get it back to target.

Consulting with an expert from Forward Momentum offers you the advantage of ideas cross-pollinated from Fortune 500® Companies to government and non-profit organizations, packaged in innovative, forward-thinking solutions. Areas addressed may include:

  • Designing and implementing organization-wide changes or upgrades
  • Understanding project management best practices
  • Providing instructional design and curriculum development
  • Mentoring individuals or a team to quickly ramp-up results
  • Recommending training options
  • Defining and planning a project
  • Designing or improving business processes or templates
  • Keeping projects on track
  • Rescuing troubled projects to bring them back on track
  • Reporting on project or portfolio performance
  • Establishing or enhancing a Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Identifying and assessing risks
  • Identifying and resolving issues
  • Facilitating planning or brainstorming sessions
  • Creating and communicating the project management plan
  • Developing a team that possesses key leadership skills
  • Managing organizational change

Experienced Staff + Practical Experience

The Forward Momentum staff each offer a minimum of 15 years industry experience and five years of training experience. Additionally, we offer project management and instructional design professionals who have attained certification in their areas of expertise. This ensures high standards which, in turn, ensures high quality—a value we take seriously. All our facilitators have attained necessary credentials.

Let Us Help You Deliver Success!

The Forward Momentum staff goes beyond training and consulting. We can assist with the delivery of your project or initiative as an extension of your organization, can help you jump start a project or initiative, or help you get to the finish line on time, within scope and within budget.

The Forward Momentum Community

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