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Keeping Your Project On Time

By Bruce Beer, PMP Note: This is Part 1 of the Keeping Your Projects on Track series. Part 2 is Keeping Your Project Within Budget. You want to be seen as the latest wunderkind of your Company and to bring your new critical project…
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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

By Bill Flury Yesterday You had a disappointing project meeting. Two of your task leaders reported that they were at least a week behind schedule. One reported that his four week task would have to be completely re-done. The only good…
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Time to Beat: A Fun Way to Reframe Goals or Deadlines

by Vicki Wrona, PMP Do you struggle with meeting goals that you (or others) have set? Or meeting deadlines? Everyone struggles with this at some time or another. Experts often say that we may not be able to change what happened, but we…
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When the Project is Supposed
to be “A Piece of Cake”

by Bill Flury Starting a New Project  “Hey! Piece of cake!” That was the team leader speaking after I had described the team’s next project, a critical six-month, fixed price job for our top client. It was good to hear her speak…
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How Fast Tracking Saved My Life

By Craig Brown Numerous articles and presentations abound about crashing or fast tracking a schedule.  These techniques are designed to get your project back on schedule but with risks and costs, which may make the practice less attractive. …
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A 3 Foot Piece of String
Can Save Your Project

By Bill Flury We were getting going on a major system conversion process. Our job was to replace a legacy image processing system with all new hardware and software. Our team included three contractors, one for software, one for the computing…