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Before Alexa: The Little Jewel Pocket Computer

by Bill Flury If Computers Could Only Talk In the very early 1960s the computers were huge and were perceived to have superhuman powers. The book, Giant Brains and How they Think was very popular. Futurists made wild predictions about…
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White Paper: Tinkering with a Treasure
— A Project Case Study

by Bill Flury Some years ago, this tinkerer had the privilege of being selected to be the project manager of a project to refurbish and re-equip the Assembly Chamber in the New York State Capitol building in Albany, New York. The job included…
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Holiday Season Quiz

by Bill Flury Congratulations! Your organization has asked you to be the project manager who will take charge of running all the holiday parties in December. Here are some things you will need to work on. 1. You will need a place to hold…
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8 Steps to Managing Your Holidays
Like a (Project Management) Pro

by Karen B. Smith As a special bonus feature to her original article, De-stress Your Holiday with Our Tips and Budgeting Tool, Karen B. Smith has provided this life-saving infographic to help us all through the holidays! download the PDF version…
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Beware of
Specification Fleas!

By Bill Flury Warning to all system Project Managers and Developers! Specification fleas can bite! Specification fleas are those pesky things that bite you and cause you to say “Ooops!”, “Ouch” or “Oh ____” when you are trying…
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Technical Expertise and
the Project Manager

By Kathy Martucci, PMP In a previous blog I wrote about transferable project management skills including verbal and written communication, organization, problem solving, and teamwork. I truly believe this; and the blog made a good case for…