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Thunder, Lightning and…
Project Management?!?

By Bill Flury Unfair! Unfair! We have all experienced big storms with lots of lightning flashing everywhere, lighting up the sky, sometimes doing great damage, and sometimes, just crashing about from one cloud to another. What do we call…
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Stimulate Action with
the Gap Method

By Bill Flury A stranger walks up to you and says, “Excuse me, your zipper is open”. Instinctively, you look for the exposed gap and rush to close it. Your reaction is intuitive and urgent. Most people have a strong, inbred urge to…
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“Work” and “Fun” Don’t Have
to Be Contradictory Terms

By Bill Flury “Now Our Work is More Fun” Work and Fun? – a strange combination, but we keep hearing this from most of the folks who are feeling the effects of their process improvement activities where they work. When we do follow-up…
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Why Ask Why? Identifying the
Problem Behind the Problem

By Burl W. Randolph, Jr. Setting the Scene Everyone has a favorite word or phrase, with mine identified as "Why?" As a former intelligence officer, why became a natural question for three reasons. First, the initial report is always wrong.…
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Beware of
Specification Fleas!

By Bill Flury Warning to all system Project Managers and Developers! Specification fleas can bite! Specification fleas are those pesky things that bite you and cause you to say “Ooops!”, “Ouch” or “Oh ____” when you are trying…
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Stop Me If You’ve
Heard This One Before

By Rob Zell When you think about the places you have worked, what pops up in your memory? When you have left an organization, did you do so because “it wasn’t a good fit”? When you consider the places you would like to work, how do…