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Beware of
Specification Fleas!

By Bill Flury Warning to all system Project Managers and Developers! Specification fleas can bite! Specification fleas are those pesky things that bite you and cause you to say “Ooops!”, “Ouch” or “Oh ____” when you are trying…
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BiZ-Risk: A Team Game
to Help Manage Risk

By Bill Flury You and your project team are probably pretty good at identifying the risks that you are likely to encounter. If you have some real pessimists on your team you may find that they can think up even the most unlikely risks you…
Managing Projects Through Requirements
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Managing Projects through

by Kathy Martucci, PMP: As project managers, we are accustomed, even mandated, to planning our work and working our plan. We build and examine (and re-examine) Work Breakdown Structures and eventual project schedules. We swear our Gannt…
Planning for Your Organization's PeopleSoft Implementation
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Planning for Your Organization’s
PeopleSoft Implementation

By Kathy Martucci, PMP: Editor’s note: This is the third post in a series about implementing PeopleSoft projects. The second post on initial considerations for PeopleSoft implementations can be found here. It’s no accident that…
Planning for Your Organization's PeopleSoft Implementation
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PMOs: Business Value and Impact of PMOs

By Bruce Beer, PMP: Note: This is Part 2 in a series on Project Management Offices. Part 1, What is a PMO and What Does it Do? can be found here. In Part 1 of this series, I outlined what a PMO is and what a PMO can or should do. Now…
Planning for Your Organization's PeopleSoft Implementation
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Keeping Your Project on Scope

by Bruce Beer, PMP: Note: This is part 3 of a 3-part series. The first in this series of Keeping on Track blogs dealt with how to keep your project on track with regard to time, the second dealt with how to stay within budget, this…