Today, great project management and learning design / development skills are a must-have, not just a nice-to-have. Our goal is to not only to help you begin your project on target, but stay on target.

Instructional Design

Coupling learning by doing using real-world examples with varying degrees of exercises and interactivity creates an emotional and skill connection between the course and personal responsibilities.


Everyone has a different way they learn best. Whatever the preference, our goal remains focused: Make learning engaging so materials resonate and results are achieved. Classes from our course list qualify for Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Certification Training

We’ve helped over 6,000 people achieve their goal of becoming PMP® certified, with a first-time pass rate far higher than the industry average. Classes are available in a variety of formats to fit your learning needs and busy schedule.


Our team of experienced leaders are available to speak on a myriad of business topics that help you achieve your organization’s needs. Sessions qualify for Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Business Solutions

What’s Top of Mind for Training Leaders and Individuals?

Our focus at Forward Momentum is to not only understand your greatest issues, but to work with you side-by-side and help provide you with solutions that alleviate your stress via the following information and tools. After interviewing our customers and researching your greatest issues, here’s what we found, along with how we can help you.

Your Pain Point

“My employees are lacking the skills necessary to help the organization meet its goals.”

The Impact of Not Meeting Goal

— Bottom line savings/top line revenue won’t be reached; need to win business now for long-term health of the organization

— Projects will be more costly, as efficiencies will not be achieved and project goals not met

— Training expenses are incurred when employees don’t pass PMP exam on first try, e.g., additional training, travel, out of office inefficiencies, employee salary, exam/maintenance costs and opportunity costs. At a minimum, costs incurred are ~$4.2K per employee per year

Forward Momentum: How We Help You

— Experience helping thousands earn PMP certification on first attempt coupled with practical business experience in government and Fortune 500 Companies

— Extraordinarily knowledgeable, enthusiastic, experienced, engaging, connected and dependable in helping employees pass the PMP exam on first attempt

— Great follow-on customer service to address special needs

Your Pain Point

“My executives don’t understand the value of PMP and leadership training.”

The Impact of Not Meeting Goal

— Projects will be inefficient and will ultimately cost more in the long run

— Organization will not earn additional business due to leadership and PM inefficiencies, hurting the organization’s bottom line

— We will lose employees who yearn to learn and grow, and who want to deliver significant, rewarding results

Forward Momentum: How We Help You

— Achieve high PMP first-time pass results through perseverance, engagement and fun; prevent unnecessary costs associated with failing PMP exam and failing projects

— Provide ongoing support via consultation, newsletters, blogs; build a community of learning

— Provide continuity throughout process, typically with “one-stop shop”

— See white paper: The Value of Project Management

Your Pain Point

“I am unable to attract and retain the right talent to help the organization reach its business objectives.”

The Impact of Not Meeting Goal

— Hiring talent externally will cost 2-3X as much when we cannot find/retain the talent internally

— We will not be able to attract the right talent if training is not provided on an ongoing basis; training provides employees the opportunity to grow vertically and horizontally

— We will not be able to retain the right talent who needs to be challenged and who enjoy working on the substantial projects; need to keep employees fresh and enthused

Forward Momentum: How We Help You

— First-time pass rate boosts employee morale and productivity

— Couple PMP certification with leadership skills training, and employees will flourish and grow vertically and horizontally

— Organization will better succeed when projects are successful, giving employees an opportunity to grow with and help shape the success of the organization

You Are Not Alone

We are with you in this training and development journey, regardless if you are an individual or an organization. Forward Momentum provides you the results and experience necessary to help positively impact your organization’s bottom line, enables immediate and direct application of best practices, while helping organizations attract, engage and retain talent. We provide the intellectual and emotional know-how that materializes in results, from high first-time exam pass rate to running projects effectively and efficiently, to leading teams, to attracting, engaging and retaining talent.

Our community of experts is here for you through trainingmentoring, and resources via eBooksblog articleswhite papers and enewsletters. See the difference we’ve made for others through their own words.

Contact us today to get started delivering results.