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Distributed Authority
in Project Management

by Dr. Gerald Mulenburg, PMP It is usually clear that an assigned project manager is in charge of a project and that they have the necessary authority to get it done. But what exactly does that mean? How do they get their authority, what…
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Top 5 Rewind Articles of 2014

by Vicki Wrona, PMP In our last post we introduced you to #1 - #5 of our "Best of 2014" articles. These are the most read articles of the year as determined by you, our readers. In 2014 we had a lot of interest in articles published…
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Project Management is Not
Rocket Science! Or is it?

by Dr. Gerald Mulenburg, PMP Processes, Requirements, and Reviews. Three things that NASA does well that you should also be doing. Project management has always seemed to me to be such a simple concept: identify what needs to be done,…
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Is There a Metaphor for
Project Management?

by Dr. Gerald Mulenburg, PMP In reading some metaphors that describe leadership, I began to think of metaphors I’ve seen for project management and wonder whether any really capture the essence of what happens in projects. Sports metaphors…
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The Sound of Silence: Voices Not Heard

by Dr. Gerald Mulenburg, PMP If the title sounds familiar, it should. It comes from the Simon and Garfunkel song The Sound of Silence: “people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening.” And I’m sure you’ve been in…
Best Blog Articles of 2012
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Top Articles of 2012, #6-10

by Vicki Wrona, PMP It's that time of year again where we bring you our “Best Of” articles from the prior year!  These articles are the most read articles of 2012 as determined by you, our readers. These articles are relevant and worth a…