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The Coach's Consciousness:
Creating Awareness

by Burl W. Randolph Jr. A while back, we explored The Mentor’s Mindset, to create greater understanding of what it means to be a mentor. This week we explore coaching - the refinement of knowledge. The client may have years of expertise…

ICU: How to Resuscitate
Faltering Teams

by Burl W. Randolph Jr. Teams are a way of life in every business, industry, and government in the world, especially the military portion of the defense industry. My experiences with teams involved formation, operation, observation, evaluation,…

Failure – A Stigma or a Chance to Try Again?

By Vicki Wrona, PMP: Is failure really failure? To many people, it is an embarrassment and something we are not willing to admit. But for those who grew up in the era of video games, it is truly a chance to try again, to attempt something…
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White Paper: Manage Risk, Don’t Let It Manage You!

by Vicki Wrona, PMP Some experts have said that a strong risk management process can decrease problems on a project by as much as 80 or 90 percent. In combination with solid project management practices—having a well-defined scope, incorporating…
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Top REWIND Articles of 2019 #1-5

These gems are a little older than their shiny top-ranking 2019 counterparts, but they were unearthed by so many resourceful new readers last year that they became just as popular. The lessons contained within are as useful now as the day they…
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Top Articles of 2019 #1-5

Once again, we're proud to share the best of the best from last year's Forward Momentum blogs. These are the articles that garnered the most attention and seemed to resonate most with our readers (you!). In case you missed #6-10 in the countdown,…