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Top Articles of 2017 #6-10

Please put your hands together enthusiastically for the top Forward Momentum blog posts of last year! These are the articles that garnered the most attention and sparked the liveliest conversation among you, our readers! Without further ado,…

ICU: How to Resuscitate
Faltering Teams

by Burl W. Randolph Jr. Teams are a way of life in every business, industry, and government in the world, especially the military portion of the defense industry. My experiences with teams involved formation, operation, observation, evaluation,…
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95% is NOT a Passing Grade

by Bill Flury Graduation Preparation Graduation time was approaching, and the principal of the high school was speaking to an assembly program of seniors. His topic today was future grading systems. He told the seniors that they would…
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An Integrated Approach
to Blended Learning

By Terri Harrell, M.A. One of the biggest challenges to the success of a blended learning program is that it be experienced as one program rather than multiple components. Each component needs to build off the one before, skills need to be…
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A Mentor's Mindset:
It's All About the Relationship

by Burl W. Randolph Jr. Mentoring is a much talked about topic for leadership development, but I am uncertain how it is understood. I have heard people say that “Everyone is my mentor” or “I mentor everyone”, both of which are misnomers. To…
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Take Back Your Desktop!

by Tiffany Robinson Does your desktop look like this? What, you think we didn’t know about your tendency to hit save and put the file in the first place that pops up in your file organizer? Well guess what: it’s SPRING CLEANING…