by Vicki Wrona, PMP

When yet another strategic initiative is announced, is your organization cynical? Are they lukewarm in their support? Have your past initiatives worked as planned? Or did they wither before completion for a variety of reasons? Michele Studer explores the secret to how to execute a strategic initiative to better ensure success. With a little planning and governance plus the right team, it’s not as difficult as you may think and will allow your organization to capture the initiative’s intended value.

Read the white paper Successfully Executing Strategy: Is This the Secret You Need?

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  1. vwrona
    vwrona says:

    The tips provided here are great…and needed. PMI’s 2014 Pulse of the Profession reports that high performing organizations meet original goals and business intent 76% of the time vs. 38% for low performing organizations. These are clearly lessons we need to heed.

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