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White Paper: Leadership Lessons from the Left Seat

by Frank Burroughs, Ph.D. Learning to fly a fixed-wing aircraft involves a certain amount (some may say a lot) of technical understanding of subjects like physics, meteorology, regulations, and even aviation jargon. In that sense it is like most other pursuits, each having their own technical base and special language. In training to become a […]


Happy Thanksgiving!

As the holidays begin and we all head off to celebrate, I’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your business, referrals, readership and contributions. The support of our enormous extended family of lifelong learners is what makes what we do possible. That means a lot to us, and we […]

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Top 10 Rewind Articles of 2018

In our last post, we wrapped up our “Best of 2018” series of articles. These are the most-read new articles of the year as determined by the wisest of people: readers like yourself! But it wasn’t just the shiny new articles catching peoples’ attention. Articles from previous years (which we lovingly refer to as “Rewinds”) were also providing […]