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Avoiding Potholes: Communication

by Bill Flury Cruising Down the Road You weren’t nervous this time. You had worked hard on this presentation. You had great slides and you cruised through your delivery. Now you were ready to handle any question about the details. The first question was about your analysis. “I don’t understand your statistics. Could you please […]

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Leadership Lessons from the Left Seat: Dealing With Difficulty

by Frank Burroughs Despite the best planning and skill, pilots sometimes find themselves in a difficult situation.  Circumstances that were not planned for may arise.  Conditions that require more skill or capability than pilot or aircraft possess generate the need to seek help.  Unlike your automobile, a pilot cannot simply pull over and call AAA on […]

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White Paper:
5 Tips to Avoid Echo Chambers and Post-Truths While at Work

by Vicki Wrona, PMP We may be familiar with the terms echo chamber or post-truths in terms of politics or the news (fake and otherwise), but have you thought about how it applies to our work? I believe that the echo chamber and post-truth is just as true at work and on projects as it […]