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Agile Mastery –
Doing, Understanding and Being

by Alan S. Koch, Certified ITIL Expert, PMP, CSM, CTM It is not unusual for organizations to struggle with the transition from a traditional project approach to an Agile approach.  Agile methods appear deceptively simple, but present real…
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Teamwork Lessons From Horses

By Vicki Wrona, PMP Animals can teach us many things, especially an animal as empathic as the horse. I was fortunate enough recently to take a vacation to Glacier National Park. If you have never been there, I highly recommend it. During…
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Prepare for Titanic Problems

By Bill Flury Problems Don’t Add Up: They Multiply If you remember Murphy’s Law, “If anything can go wrong, it will” then you realize why you should do risk analysis for your projects.  You also need to remember the crucial addition…
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Finish by Friday:
Delivering Deadlines on Time

by Bill Flury It was early Friday morning and Bob was telling me that the report he was working on was almost done and he would have it ready for me next week. He asked if that would be OK. I told him it was not OK and figured I had better…
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How To Better Manage Resources:
See Fred Shrink Overtime

by Bill Flury What’s the Problem with Fred? There are some people for whom 24 hour days seem to be too short. They can’t get done all the things they have to do or should be doing within the time available. They work hard and long,…
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De-stress Your Holiday with Our Tips and
Budgeting Tool

by Karen Smith, MBA, PMP Editor's Note: This post contains a link to a holiday budget tool and another to an infographic. Take advantage of these free resources. The holidays are nearly here. I suspect this isn’t shocking news as…