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Last Year’s Pitfall is
This Year’s Opportunity

By Tiffany Robinson The end of the year is a time to reflect back on all that you’ve done over the past 12 months and to become excited for the next year to come. I talked about reflecting on the past year in my last article (The Value…
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Rearview Mirror Project Management

By Dr. Gerald Mulenburg, PMP: A colleague of mine once complained to me about earned value management (EVM). “It’s ok, but it seems that managing using earned value management information is as if you’re driving down the highway…
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Did That Process Change Work?

by Alan Koch, Certified ITIL Expert, PMP, CSM, CTM Change is a fact of life. Sometimes, it is thrust upon us by outside factors, and sometimes we initiate the change to make things a little easier or efficient. One way or another, processes…
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The Project Manager's Mirror

by Bill Flury At a local Pawn shop I saw something that was labeled “Project Manager’s Mirror.”  The manager said that it was quite old and had some remarkable powers. First, it could talk. Second, it always told the truth. This sounded…
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The Coach's Consciousness:
Creating Awareness

by Burl W. Randolph Jr. A while back, we explored The Mentor’s Mindset, to create greater understanding of what it means to be a mentor. This week we explore coaching - the refinement of knowledge. The client may have years of expertise…
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Top REWIND Articles of 2019 #1-5

These gems are a little older than their shiny top-ranking 2019 counterparts, but they were unearthed by so many resourceful new readers last year that they became just as popular. The lessons contained within are as useful now as the day they…