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Questions: The Problem and The Solution
Part 3 of “Is Your Question an Invitation,
a Request or a Weapon?”

by Karen Smith, MBA, PMP In part 1 and part 2 of this series, we looked at the value of asking questions, why questions are not asked and how to facilitate a more inquisitive and innovative culture in your organization. In this third and…
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Why Questions Are Avoided, and How to
Change That: Is Your Question an
Invitation, a Request or a Weapon? Part 2

by Karen Smith, MBA, PMP In part 1 of this series we explored how the power of questions – your questions – can either make or break your career. In this article, we’ll examine why questions are not asked, and how to create a culture…
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Can We Talk? The Value of Structured
Dialogue as a Learning Strategy

by Darlene Frederick Early in her long and fabled career, comedian Joan Rivers immortalized the phrase, “Can we talk?” as her signature gag line. The phrase served as a punctuation mark, usually to one of Rivers’ always spicy, sometimes…
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Talent Management:
Designing the Employee Experience

by Rob Zell Much has been made in the last several years about managing the guest experience. We often hear how companies are seeking to make service their differentiator, or do more to leverage data to maximize the customer relationship.…
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Blended Learning: Everything I Need to
Know I Learned in High School

by Jennifer Gibson, Director of Learning Solutions at Forward Momentum Indulge me for a few minutes and take a trip in the Way Back Machine to high school.  Don’t worry, you won’t be naked and there won’t be any bullies, I promise. I…
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Business Strategy: Talent Management

By Edward J. Williams, MAEd, MHRM, MBA I was asked once to define talent management.  After some brief thought about how to best explain it, I decided that it was best to start with a quick explanation of what talent management is NOT.…