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Foundation for Training:
It Begins at the End

by Rob Zell The ongoing challenge for every learning organization is to provide the right solution, at the right time, at the right price that meets the objectives of the business. The challenge is knowing where to start. Truly effective…
Asking the Right Questions
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Is Your Question an Invitation, a Request
or a Weapon?

by Karen Smith, MBA, PMP Forward Momentum is excited to announce the release of our FREE Insider’s Guide ebook, Asking the Right Questions: Is Your Question an Invitation, a Request, or a Weapon? Whether professionally or personally,…
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Wake Up Jack:
How to Pick Your Priorities

by Bill Flury Wednesday Morning Wake-Up Call It was 10:15 a.m. and Jack, our bright, young Technical Aide, was sound asleep in his chair. This was unusual because Jack was usually a bundle of energy, bustling about and eager to help any…
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More on Talent Management:
Developing Competency Models

By Edward J. Williams, MAEd, MHRM, MBA In a previous article, Business Strategy: Talent Management, I identified several components involved in employing a talent management strategy. This time, I would like to expand on one of those components:…
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Is There a Metaphor for
Project Management?

by Dr. Gerald Mulenburg, PMP In reading some metaphors that describe leadership, I began to think of metaphors I’ve seen for project management and wonder whether any really capture the essence of what happens in projects. Sports metaphors…
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Channeling Socrates:
From Instruction to Interview

by Darlene Frederick It’s hard to imagine that we might find wisdom for organizational development in the methods of a Greek philosopher and educator who practiced in 400 B.C. Surely, centuries of evolution in the understanding of human…