Asking the Right Questions

by Karen Smith, MBA, PMP

Forward Momentum is excited to announce the release of our FREE Insider’s Guide ebook, Asking the Right Questions: Is Your Question an Invitation, a Request, or a Weapon?

Whether professionally or personally, communicating can be a tricky subject. We often don’t get all the information we need, which can lead to misunderstandings and missed opportunities.

The power of questions – your questions – can have a significant impact on your career. From the wording of your questions, to the way your questions are asked, to the congruency between your words and your body language, all will contribute to either success or failure. Undeniably, questions have the power to build collaborative relationships … or destroy them.

Packed with practical tips, tricks, and tools, this Insider’s eBook will help you improve your conversations to build better professional and personal relationships. Download the free Insider’s Guide now at! In fact, feel free to forward this information to others.