Once again, we’re proud to share the best of the best from last year’s Forward Momentum blogs. These are the articles that garnered the most attention and seemed to resonate most with our readers (you!). In case you missed #6-10 in the countdown, you can find them here.

Here are your Top Five:

5. Avoiding Potholes: Communication by Bill Flury

4. Perfection: The Fake News About Successful Leadership by Dr. Burl W. Randolph Jr.

3. White Paper: Leadership Lessons from the Left Seat by Frank Burroughs, Ph.D.

2. Top 3 Survival Tips for Working From Home by Tiffany Robinson

1. Problem Solving: How to Wrestle with a Pig, and Win! by Dr. Burl W. Randolph Jr.

Information and experience-based advice never go out of style, so we hope this trip to yesteryear will help you with today’s challenges.

Thanks for reading!