By Brian Egan

I have been doing research on the subject of project procurement management and ventured onto the PMI website to look for reference materials.  There were surprisingly few books available, considering how important procurement activities are to project success.

A set of three books that seemed particularly relevant were written by Margaret Gilbert.

What I liked

These books are short and to the point.  Gilbert is obviously an experienced contract manager.  Her knowledge of the nuances of developing relationships with suppliers is evident in the tips and emphases included in her notes and examples.

There are very good examples of SOW’s and contract terms and conditions.  Gilbert has packed a lot of material into three short books.

The writing style is very efficient.  No long winded paragraphs, just quick points and lots of examples.

The format of the book is more like a PowerPoint presentation than a text book.

Each book could be read in a day.

What I Did Not Like

The writing is awkward.  The author must not speak English as a first language and no one who does has edited the material.  As a result there are a lot of strange sentences and references which makes the text harder to understand than necessary.


Anyone who wants a quick snapshot of contract management from the perspective of an experienced professional will benefit from these books.  However, I would look for them in a local library before purchasing.  The writing style and format are not for everyone.