By Kerry Quinn

About a month ago, Lisa and I launched the project of a lifetime – living in our travel trailer full time – while we explore America, serve our veteran and first responder communities, and share life with those we meet along the way. Project management if often thought of in a business context, but what we have found is life is a project all to itself.

Initiation phase: In a matter of 10-days we resigned from corporate life, sold our townhouse in Northern Virginia, traded in our second car, and gave away or sold virtually all of our household possessions – keeping the necessities like mountain bikes, laptop computers, and clothes. Until you are knee deep into downsizing, it is hard to realize just how much “stuff” is accumulated in life.

The concept of this project is to explore America through unencumbered travel, to serve military veterans and first responders in communities we visit (we are a military family – I am a retired Marine, our two sons are Marines, and our son-in-law is a police officer), and finally to share life experiences with those we meet throughout the journey.

Planning Phase: Living is the first hurdle to overcome – moving into a 200 square foot travel trailer was a feet in itself – oh, and we have our dog Maggie with us. Logistics is truly an art form when space is significantly limited. But we have been able to pare down to the necessities of life, which is a freeing feeling for sure. The budget is established and we can share that in a separate post. The major project plan incorporates a list of locations we plan to visit and where we will focus our service. There are specific organizations we would like to support on this journey while we also know there will be opportunities to serve that are not part of the initial plan.

Project Launch and Execution: We are completing our exploration plan, developing the travel route – definitely warm locations at first – and putting the final touches on our new home – we may be house-less but we are definitely not homeless – before we launch in December.

And there you have it, a project of a lifetime, where the journey IS the adventure.

Look for future posts where we will share details of specific projects and explorations along the way, all while living in an unconventional way.

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