By Vicki Wrona, PMP:

In this new white paper by Bruce Beer, we discuss PMOs (Project or Program Management Office) from A-Z, including:

  1. What is a PMO?
  2. What is the Business Value of a PMO?
  3. PMOs: Why One Might Be Needed
  4. Establishing a PMO – How Do We Do That?
  5. Integrating the PMO Into the Organizational Culture / Creating a PMO That Lasts

Would you like to learn from the experiences of one who has managed an international PMO for a Fortune 100 multinational organization? Are you setting up a new PMO and want to better understand your options? Do you simply want to learn what a PMO is and what it can do for you? How do you know if establishing a PMO is right for your organization? What are some established best practices surrounding PMOs? These questions and more are answered.