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Managing Virtual Team Members – Not Your Parent’s Management Style

By Vicki Wrona, PMP I have always prided myself on my ability to manage and motivate my team as well as to get many of my employees promoted. I took the time to get to know their business and personal goals, to clear roadblocks, and to coach…
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Virtual Teams and PMOs – The European Experience

By Bruce Beer, PMP: Working with virtual teams and PMOs has enough challenges when they are all contained in the USA; however when these teams are global with different time zones and languages, it has a certain dimension that adds “interest”…
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Trust Me….I’m On Your Team

By Kathy Martucci, PMP: We don’t find the concept of trust on most traditional lists of project critical success factors. Yet it may be the number one consideration in establishing and maintaining a high-performing virtual team. While it…
Virtual Teams: Managing Large Amounts of Information
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Virtual Teams – Managing
Large Amounts of Information

By Craig Covello, PMP: Many of us who manage large projects are flooded by e-mail and their associated attachments each day. These discrete items of information sit in our in-box silently demanding attention, yet often the subject lines do…
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Sharing Around the
Virtual Water Cooler

by Rob Zell: Many organizations are struggling today with the concept of incorporating social networks into the workplace. I don’t blame them. There are plenty of issues that immediately come to mind: How do you secure the information? …
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E-Mail Pet Peeves

By Vicki Wrona, PMP: We all have pet peeves — those things that others (or possibly you) do that drive you crazy. I’ll start with some of mine with regard to emails. I am not disclosing this to rant, but instead in an attempt for all…