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Debunking the Myths of
Working From Home

By Tiffany Robinson I am approached regularly both personally and professionally by people asking, "What is it like to work from home?" This is usually followed by a statement along the lines of, "I wish I could find a sweet gig like that". Before…
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The Art of Networking in the Digital Age:
Less Net, More Work

By Burl W. Randolph Jr. I love the digital age.  Not as much as I love mentoring, but the digital age has made life so much easier.  With the click of a mouse, I can transfer money across the United States, order products from around the…
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How Our Virtual Team
Regained Its Humanity

by Tiffany Robinson With 1 in 5 people in today’s workforce working in a virtual team environment, virtual employee engagement is strong-arming its way into companies' overall employee engagement strategies everywhere. Over the past…
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Annoying Conference Call Behaviors

by Karey Rees Have you seen this video yet?  It’s a video of how a conference call would be if it were in “real life”. I think it’s pretty true, which in turn, makes it quite entertaining (and good for few laughs). If you haven’t…
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Global Project Management:
Avoiding Last Minute Surprises

by Lana Boiko, PMP It is a very special thrill to manage complex global initiatives and projects. Doing so gives you a sense of excitement, novelty, pride and accomplishment. It raises your awareness of all of those important global differences:…
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Managing Meetings with Social Media

by Rob Zell: I imagine you could survey employees on any day in any company and they would tell you that meetings are the bane of their existence. Too often, meetings are conducted without an agenda or even an overarching purpose. Attendees…