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Talent Management:
Designing the Employee Experience

by Rob Zell Much has been made in the last several years about managing the guest experience. We often hear how companies are seeking to make service their differentiator, or do more to leverage data to maximize the customer relationship.…
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The World's Most Reliable PDA

By Bill Flury *See reader warning at end.* My Smartphone Gasped and Died “Help! Send power!”  I was stuck with a lot of things on my schedule and a lot of contacts to call and my phone wouldn’t let me in to see what I had to…
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Goal Analysis in 5 Simple Steps

By Dot Young This is Part II in a two-part series. In my last post we talked about the purpose of a Goal Analysis and why it is a good idea to perform one at the beginning of any project. You can read Part I here. In this post I will share…
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See Time in a Useful Way

by Bill Flury You should really meet Anne. Anne is someone who used to think that a 24-hour day was too short. She never seemed to be able to get done all the things she had to do or should have been doing within the time available. She worked…
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Overcoming Organizational Obstacles to
Unlock the Value of Project Management Part 1:
Putting Out Fires and Reducing the Drama

By Vicki Wrona, PMP Recent research has documented the value of project management at various levels and in a variety of organizations. In the research study, Researching the Value of Project Management by Janice Thomas, Ph.D. and Mark Mullaly,…
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Capacity Planning and Project
Portfolio Management

By Kathy Martucci, PMP Capacity Planning?  There’s an app for that. Actually, there are several apps for that. But wait. Does a piece of software, regardless of how sophisticated it is, ever successfully define and drive a critical…