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Cross Footing and Run Rate Exhaustion, Part 1

By Craig Covello, PMP: This is part one of a two-part article. At first glance, the title of this article might lead you to believe that the subject has something to do with the Boston Marathon or Churchill Downs.  Although I’m sure…
Feeling Overwhelmed? Tackling Unpopular Tasks
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Feeling Overwhelmed?
Tackling Unpopular Tasks

By Vicki Wrona, PMP The end of a calendar or fiscal year often leaves us feeling overwhelmed, but those feelings are not limited to that time of year. As Project Managers or managers in general, we are often juggling many things and have…
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Plan B: How to Make an
Effective Contingency Plan

By Craig Covello, PMP: The simplest path between any two points is a straight line.  The logic of geometry cannot be argued, however, geometry does not necessarily mirror the journey required to deliver a project on time and within budget. …
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Goldplating: A Dilemma for the Over-Achiever

by Kathy Martucci, PMP: Goldplating. Say that word out loud. It sounds really great rolling off the tongue. But wait! As rich and wonderful as it sounds, it is a dangerous trend when it starts to become the norm on your project. As conscientious…
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Even Hotels Understand Constraints –
Why Can’t My Management Team?

By Vicki Wrona, PMP: One of the benefits of enrolling in a hotel program is being able to specify preferences. Recently, after making my hotel reservation, I reviewed the options presented to me. What I found was this: To better accommodate…
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Good Training Gone Bad

by Rob Zell: When I started my career in the world of corporate training, my first assignment was to revamp the field curriculum for a retail establishment. I was brand new to the world of retail corporate training but I had confidence in…