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Followers: What We Expect from Leaders

By Burl W. Randolph Jr. We are all followers in some sense. At work, at home, at church, in the community, we all follow someone. Followership became a burgeoning subject in the early 90’s, is not quite as prevalent today, but that…
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Who Makes the Execution
Decisions In Your Operation?

By Rob Zell, SPHR Whenever I begin a new training project I go through several steps to ensure I am delivering the right intervention to my client. I always ask: If the training is successful, what will the learners be doing that is…
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Leaders Create Memories

By Rob Zell Think about your best boss. No seriously, take a few seconds and think about that leader who you consider to be the best leader in your career. Chances are you smiled a little bit as positive memories washed over you. Now think…
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Why Ask Why? Identifying the
Problem Behind the Problem

By Burl W. Randolph, Jr. Setting the Scene Everyone has a favorite word or phrase, with mine identified as "Why?" As a former intelligence officer, why became a natural question for three reasons. First, the initial report is always wrong.…
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Blended Learning: Everything I Need
to Know I Learned in High School

by Jennifer Gibson, BSSE Forward Momentum is excited to announce the release of our FREE Insider's Guide ebook, Blended Learning: Everything I Need to Know I Learned in High School. Every new job, process, and set of skills requires…
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Technical Expertise and
the Project Manager

By Kathy Martucci, PMP In a previous blog I wrote about transferable project management skills including verbal and written communication, organization, problem solving, and teamwork. I truly believe this; and the blog made a good case for…