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Setting Priorities: Saying Yes to
Something is Saying No
to Something Else

By Vicki Wrona, PMP Whether I am working with new or seasoned employees or managers, I often see a misunderstanding of the consequences of saying “yes”. As Stever Robbins said in one of his Quick and Dirty Tips, “Saying no has real…
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Foundation for Training:
What’s the Need Behind the Need?

by Rob Zell In part 1 of this series, we explored Kirkpatrick's Evaluation Model and the importance of starting the analysis of a training need with the end in mind - what the business looks like and needs to be successful.  In this article,…
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Blended Learning:
Structuring Programs for Success

by Jennifer Gibson In the first article of our series, Blended Learning: Everything I Need to Know I Learned in High School, we shared the three critical elements for blended learning success: structure, support and accountability.  Let’s…
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Foundation for Training:
It Begins at the End

by Rob Zell The ongoing challenge for every learning organization is to provide the right solution, at the right time, at the right price that meets the objectives of the business. The challenge is knowing where to start. Truly effective…
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Finish by Friday:
Delivering Deadlines on Time

by Bill Flury It was early Friday morning and Bob was telling me that the report he was working on was almost done and he would have it ready for me next week. He asked if that would be OK. I told him it was not OK and figured I had better…
Asking the Right Questions
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Is Your Question an Invitation, a Request
or a Weapon?

by Karen Smith, MBA, PMP Forward Momentum is excited to announce the release of our FREE Insider’s Guide ebook, Asking the Right Questions: Is Your Question an Invitation, a Request, or a Weapon? Whether professionally or personally,…