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Wake Up Jack:
How to Pick Your Priorities

by Bill Flury Wednesday Morning Wake-Up Call It was 10:15 a.m. and Jack, our bright, young Technical Aide, was sound asleep in his chair. This was unusual because Jack was usually a bundle of energy, bustling about and eager to help any…
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How To Better Manage Resources:
See Fred Shrink Overtime

by Bill Flury What’s the Problem with Fred? There are some people for whom 24 hour days seem to be too short. They can’t get done all the things they have to do or should be doing within the time available. They work hard and long,…
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The World's Most Reliable PDA

By Bill Flury *See reader warning at end.* My Smartphone Gasped and Died “Help! Send power!”  I was stuck with a lot of things on my schedule and a lot of contacts to call and my phone wouldn’t let me in to see what I had to…

Ode to Pink Pearl

by Bill Flury This month we have something special for you... a little break from everyday rigors! In this cute, nostalgic and light-hearted poem, Bill Flury celebrates the virtues of his favorite piece of office stationery. Enjoy! Ode to…
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See Time in a Useful Way

by Bill Flury You should really meet Anne. Anne is someone who used to think that a 24-hour day was too short. She never seemed to be able to get done all the things she had to do or should have been doing within the time available. She worked…
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The Project Manager's Mirror

by Bill Flury At a local Pawn shop I saw something that was labeled “Project Manager’s Mirror.”  The manager said that it was quite old and had some remarkable powers. First, it could talk. Second, it always told the truth. This sounded…