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White Paper:
5 Tips to Avoid Echo Chambers and Post-Truths While at Work

by Vicki Wrona, PMP We may be familiar with the terms echo chamber or post-truths in terms of politics or the news (fake and otherwise), but have you thought about how it applies to our work? I believe that the echo chamber and post-truth…
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Perfection: The Fake News About Successful Leadership

by Dr. Burl W. Randolph Jr. Perfection is NOT required to be successful. I cannot think of one thing in my life that I did perfectly. I have never been thin (We live in a skinny-obsessed world). I have never been a straight A student…
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Top 3 Survival Tips for Working From Home

by Tiffany Robinson I've been in a medium-pressure, corporate, work from home job since 2012. I can honestly say I would have to be offered some pretty extreme benefits to consider going back into an office environment on a daily basis. However…
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Toxicity: Person, Place, or Thing?

by Dr. Burl W. Randolph Jr. I rarely talk about the dirty little secret in leadership: Toxicity. We have all been there and seen that, yet it continues to exist in the contemporary workplace. Some of this toxicity can be identified…
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Leadership Lessons from the Left Seat: Communicate Clearly

by Frank Burroughs One of the most intimidating parts of flight training, as reported by student surveys and even some veteran pilots, is communication. Why is that? Several reasons come to mind. Pilot to pilot communication and between…
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Leadership Lessons from the Left Seat:
Plan, Then Adapt

by Frank Burroughs A flight instructor once told me that “Flying is nothing more than a series of mistakes and corrections”. The sentiment is true, but no one really plans to make mistakes. A better but less snappy version of the saying…