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Did That Process Change Work?

by Alan Koch, Certified ITIL Expert, PMP, CSM, CTM Change is a fact of life. Sometimes, it is thrust upon us by outside factors, and sometimes we initiate the change to make things a little easier or efficient. One way or another, processes…
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The Project Manager's Mirror

by Bill Flury At a local Pawn shop I saw something that was labeled “Project Manager’s Mirror.”  The manager said that it was quite old and had some remarkable powers. First, it could talk. Second, it always told the truth. This sounded…
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White Paper: Yes, You Can Negotiate Project Constraints!

by Alan S. Koch, PMP, CSM, Certified ITIL Expert What value is there in estimation when your sponsor has no interest in finding out what it will really take to do the project? The constraints have been chiseled in stone and we can’t change…
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Career Change from Public Service
to Private Industry

By Vicki Wrona, PMP Are you ready to make a change from public service to private industry but not sure where to start? Read this new white paper titled Career Change From Public Service to Private Industry: Not Quite as Easy as Sunday Morning by…
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The Twilight Zone of
Shadow Project Management

By Craig Covello, PMP: During the course of my long career as an IT project manager, there have been a few times when circumstance and opportunity translated into a strange role that could be accurately described as “Shadow Project Management”. …
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The Ghost Meeting

By Bill Flury Yesterday, four people met in the conference space to address three issues of concern to all of them. The agenda had been circulated beforehand so the discussion was very focused. They agreed on how each of the issues should…